AirPod Grips

  • Your active lifestyle and wireless AirPods can go together. Wear them in the gym, on the track or hanging from a rock face; they will stay in place with AirPod Grips. Whatever your activity, just slip these comfortable grips onto your AirPods and run away with it. More than AirPod accessories, these grips will protect your AirPod investment.

    Fit and Sound Quality

    Your AirPods will slip easily into the AirPod Grips and rest in your ear just the way they are supposed to. That is an important feature of good Apple AirPods accessories. The AirPods’ sound relies partly on where and how they sit in your ears, so the AirPod holder you choose can affect their audio reproduction. AirPod skins can change the fit and position, and thus the sound of the pods. AirPod Grips are AirPod ear hooks; they add no extra materials on the pods themselves. The fit is unencumbered, the placement is natural, and the pods function as Apple intended.


    For charging, simply slip your AirPods out of the grips and into your charger. It is quick and easy to replace them after charging.

    Available Colors

    With five colors to choose from, you can be as daring or as modest as your mood dictates. From dayglo green or orange to subtle black or white, express yourself. Whichever you choose, your AirPods will fit easily, and they will be protected and comfortable once you slip them on. Choose from:

      • Black
      • White
      • Red
      • Orange
      • Green

    Put on your running shoes or bicycle shorts and take off with no concern for your Apple AirPods. They will be safe from falling, and you will be free to enjoy your sounds wherever you go, whatever you are doing and whatever you are listening to.

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